Plugins FFGL

Après la fin du développement de l’eqkoscope,
j’ai porté plusieurs de ses fonctionnalités vers des plugins FFGL,
pour une intégration dans des logiciels tiers tels que Resolume.

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(The) eqkoscope

L’eqkoscope est un logiciel que je développe depuis 2012. Il est basé sur openFrameworks et écrit en C++ / GLSL.
Il s’agit d’un logiciel libre, le code source est disponible sur mon Github.

The eqkoscope is a piece of software I’ve been developing since 2012. It is based on openFrameworks and is written in C++, with a bunch of GLSL shaders.
This is free software, the source code is available on my Github repository.

Téléchargements ci-dessous :

Download it right there : release
DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS (experimental with GUI)

Old releases :

DOWLOAD FOR OSX (10.13 min)

Wave Suite (’16)

The Wave Suite is a set of software used to mix audio in immersive environments, such as 360° or headphone setps (Wave Field Synthesis, Ambisonics, Binaural). It was created while I was working at Sonic Emotion Labs, Paris.

The suite features:

The Performer

Multi source mixing solution, for both live (show control) and studio applications. It comes with a set of Max4Live plugins for a full integration with Ableton, and Lemur patches.

The Designer

Creation of speaker setups, fine-tuning and test sequences for acoustic systems.
Communication with  the audio synthesis server.