eqkoscope repo

Dear user, welcome to a psychedelic journey.
This is the eqkoscope, a piece of software I’ve been writing since 2012.
This is free software (GPL), keep in mind that this is homebrew and experimental 😉

The source code : download [ Works with OpenFrameworks v0.8.4



Shortcuts :

Tab : opens the GUI

> Capture <Buggy in full screen mode>
‘$’ screenshot (stored in data/capture)
‘g’ start to record image sequence. Press ‘g’ once again to stop recording (stored in data/capture)

> Prompt
ENTER : open prompt. Write the parameter, press ENTER again, enter the value, and press ENTER one last time
ENTER, then HD, then ENTER : enter a number, which will indicate the height resolution. press ENTER one last time to confirm

> Misc
SPACE in image or video media mode, loads another media from the same DB
To add images or videos, drag them to the main window